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Uludum's Story

Like many others, I've often been attracted to the lifestyles that educators like Nathan Barry and Jarrod Drysdale have earned for themselves by selling their knowledge through e-books and other educational content. I wanted to take the information I've already acquired and offer it to others in a packaged format. Hopefully, I could make some money along the way.

I started a blog and began writing about what interested me. After a little time, I found that some of my content about Bitcoin had been gaining interest. I wanted to be able to run a crowdfund to gauge interest in a course, but there wasn't anything out there that offered the ability to crowdfund online courses.

So, I built Uludum, the site you're on right now. I successfully funded my first crowdfund, created some courses, and have gone on to make thousands of dollars on Uludum. It's evolved as I've learned what works and what doesn't work when selling courses. I hope I can help you create and sell awesome learning experiences on Uludum too!

Hank Stoever, founder of this website
Hank ski

How it Works


Create a Crowdfund

Before you actually spend time creating a course, you want to make sure that people are willing to pay something for what you might be teaching, and a crowdfund is the perfect way to do that.

Spend some time planning out your crowdfund and put together an amazing landing page that describes what your course will provide in a clear and compelling way. Use videos and pictures to illustrate your points and show off your personality.

Choose a fundraising goal that would be enough money to demonstrate that there is an obvious demand for your course. This goal can be as big or small as you'd like, but a typical goal might be $1000.


Promote your Crowdfund

After you publish your crowdfund, it's time to put your marketing hat on. Promote your course through your existing social media networks and actively grow them. The goal is to get the attention of as many potential students as possible. If you're crowdfunding a gardening course, you need to get the attention of gardeners.

The unfortunate reality is that if you don't tell anyone, no one will actually visit your course. Your ability to crowdfund is proportional to your ability sell courses!

When your crowdfund is completed and you've hit your fundraising goal, pat yourself on the back! You've proved that your course is worth building. If you don't hit your goal, be thankful that you didn't spend more time building a course that wasn't quite right. Take some time to re-think your approach and content, and create a new crowdfund when you're ready!


Create a Course

Organize your course and create material and questions using our platform. You can publish and start making money with your course at any time. You can even skip right to this step without creating a fund if you really want to get your knowledge out there. Feel free to take a course on creating a course.

Your course's content can include text, audio, video, pictures and more. Ideally, your course should include a diverse range of content that provides your students with enough engaging material to maximize their learning and the success of your course.

You can also embed Youtube videos, math equations, and lessons from educreations!


Promote your Course

Share your course on relevant communities around the internet and in real life to gain students. Keep your material up to date and answer student's questions to sustain a high rating. At this point, the sky is the limit!

You're smart, so there's definitely more that you can teach to the world. Think about what other courses you could offer, and head back to step 1!


Teachers can crowdfund their courses before creating them to gauge student's interests. Just like on kickstarter, teachers can set a goal and a minimum donation to enroll in their class if it is successfully funded and the course is created.


Courses can consist of any sort of material you want, like Youtube videos, math equations, and text. Questions are an integral part of the learning process, ensuring that students grasp material before moving on.


Anyone can create a course. Collaboration is encouraged. Even our website is open source.

Not for Profit

Rest assured that our intentions are the same as yours. We believe that education is not an industry that should be influenced by profits. Our wealth comes from the spread of information.

Facilitate Engaging Conversations

Built-in forums for users to ask questions, discuss the course, and build connection with your students.



Bitcoin Supported!

Get paid with credit cards, Bitcoin, or both!

Frequently Asked Questions


What does uludum mean?

Ludum is a derivation of the latin word ludus, which can be translated as "school" or "game". Uludum implies that we are a universal school where we learn for fun.

How can I get in contact with the people behind this site?

Email the founder personally at hank@uludum.org.

For Teachers

What kind of courses can I create on Uludum?

We encourage all kinds of knowledge on Uludum, from classical academics to niche hobbyist skills. Courses can be about anything from building a birdhouse to astrophysics. As long as the material is appropriate, don't hesitate to teach. Check out the requests page for inspiration.

How can I set up my account to get paid for courses and funds?

You must have an account with Stripe to accept payments. Once you've created an account, visit your payment information page to link your account.

What fees can I expect when selling content on Uludum?

7.9% + 30¢

We take 5% from all transactions. Additionally, our payment processor takes 2.9% + 30¢ from all transactions.

When can I expect to get paid if my fund is successful?

After your fund is completed, you must make a course that sufficiently covers the material you promised to cover in your fund. Once you've created your course, contact us, and we will set up auto-enrollment for your users and begin processing your funds immediately.

What happens if my fund is not successful?

If your fund isn't successful after time runs out, you still have the option of creating the class. Any backers who contributed the minimum amount to enroll will be auto-enrolled in your class. You will, however, be charged an additional 4% on all transactions. This is intended to encourage realistic goals and push teachers to reach them.