Updates for Practical Automated Arbitrage with Bitcoin

over 4 years ago

Hey everyone!

It's Hank here, creator of the how to create a bitcoin arbitrage bot course. Today I'm extremely happy to announce an early release for the beta version of the class. This is immediately available to all fund backers - you should have received an email about it.

I really want to emphasize that this is a beta and the course isn't completely finished. I wanted to make it available to funders to get feedback and improve the course. So if you have any feedback at all, I would be so appreciative if you could post in the beta feedback discussion thread.

Here's the structure of the course right now:

  • Introduction To Arbitrage
    • What Is Arbitrage?
    • Constraints Of Bitcoin Arbitrage
    • Benefits Of Bitcoin Arbitrage
  • Using The Arbitrage Bot
    • Installation
    • Using The Toolkit
    • Setup Credentials
    • Setting Environment Variables
    • Live Trading
  • Hosting Your Bot On Heroku
    • Introduction
    • Creating The App
    • Scheduling Trades

Thank you so much to everyone who has given their support. I'm excited to keep working on making the course as good as possible.


Course improvements

over 4 years ago
Since making the beta version of the course on Saturday, a lot has happened. First of all, thanks to everyone who gave feedback in the beta feedback thread. I've been improving the areas of the course that clearly need improvement based on your feedback.

New Exchanges

One big concern was using MtGox, which I entirely understand. The course was never intended to be just for Bitstamp and MtGox, but they were the first two supported exchanges. Since Saturday, I've added support for three new exchanges:

  • coinbase
  • campbx
  • btce

Make sure you reinstall the gem by running gem install rbtc_arbitrage. You can always keep track of updates to the bot on github and view the changelog.

Ruby installation

It was also obvious that I needed to provide more instruction about how to install Ruby. I've updated the installation page with more information, but here is the gist:

If you're on Windows, use RubyInstaller. Otherwise, use RVM.

Gem installation issues

Some people had trouble installing the rbtc_arbitrage gem, which was usually due to issues with the json gem and curb gem. The curb gem, which has caused the most problems, is a dependency of the Bitstamp gem, so we unfortunately can't remove it. I have, however, created a different build of rbtc_arbitrage that removes the Bitstamp gem and should remove many installation issues. So if you're having issues installing the gem and have already tried the fixes noted in this StackOverflow thread, try installing this separate version. It is important to note, however, that you will not be able to use Bitstamp with this version.

Install this version by running gem install rbtc_arbitrage_simple.

Other improvements

  • Fixed bugs related the Heroku scheduler that were mentioned in the Beta discussion thread.
  • Added a new option to rbtc called --repeat, which allows you to continuously check prices without re-running rbtc. See using the toolkit
  • Many course material improvements.

I'll be continually improving course material based off your feedback, but I wanted to send out an update about what has improved so far.