Frequently Asked Questions


What does uludum mean?

Ludum is a derivation of the latin word ludus, which can be translated as "school" or "game". Uludum implies that we are a universal school where we learn for fun.

How can I get in contact with the people behind this site?

Email the founder personally at

For Teachers

What kind of courses can I create on Uludum?

We encourage all kinds of knowledge on Uludum, from classical academics to niche hobbyist skills. Courses can be about anything from building a birdhouse to astrophysics. As long as the material is appropriate, don't hesitate to teach. Check out the requests page for inspiration.

How can I set up my account to get paid for courses and funds?

You must have an account with Stripe to accept payments. Once you've created an account, visit your payment information page to link your account.

What fees can I expect when selling content on Uludum?

7.9% + 30¢

We take 5% from all transactions. Additionally, our payment processor takes 2.9% + 30¢ from all transactions.

When can I expect to get paid if my fund is successful?

After your fund is completed, you must make a course that sufficiently covers the material you promised to cover in your fund. Once you've created your course, contact us, and we will set up auto-enrollment for your users and begin processing your funds immediately.

What happens if my fund is not successful?

If your fund isn't successful after time runs out, you still have the option of creating the class. Any backers who contributed the minimum amount to enroll will be auto-enrolled in your class. You will, however, be charged an additional 4% on all transactions. This is intended to encourage realistic goals and push teachers to reach them.